From Vogue to Slogue

I have first-post nerves! But I needn’t. I’m a writer and a copy editor and have been in the magazine game for 13 years. Did some time at Vogue Australia and developed a girl-crush on then fashion editor Meg Gray, before moving onto to a permanent gig at sister title Vogue Living, the interiors bible lauded way beyond the shores of Australia (as well as chief copy ed, I was the wordsmith behind all the product pages pictured below; such a fun job). But here I am putting myself out there as more than a writer. I am actually a veteran of thrifting, and of vintage shopping. While my school friends in the 90s wore


stonewashed denim, I wore 70s denim splashed with bleach. As they turned up to the high school prom in Topshop, I strutted in wearing a shot silk orange shift circa 1965. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had friends and acquaintances tell me I ‘should’ be a stylist, or help others shop secondhand and vintage. I was too modest. But now as my brain whizzes and whirs around the fucked-up state of the Earth and what the Hell I can do to help, I choose to put aside all my fears of being judged (born of too many cold interactions with the noughties Vogue fashion team?) and say to you all: I am here (albeit a little late to board the ‘ole WordPress train) and ready to serve you, for all your Slow Fashion needs. Your new bestie, Jo Gambale (PS my ‘enter’ button has conked out, hence the squishy nature of my post ;0) )

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