What is Slogue?

Slogue marries high-end fashion inspiration with ‘slow’ (mostly secondhand/vintage) shopping and styling.

A lifelong love of dressing up, a decade in the Australian Vogue offices and a personal vendetta against mass production and consumerism have led Joanne Gambale to channel her magpie eye and fashion-nerd knowledge into helping others discover the wonders of slow fashion.

An organic, choose-your-own-adventure approach means Joanne’s clients each get a unique one-on-one experience according to their particular needs, whether that’s learning to style their current clothes in a fresh way or getting over a fear of vintage and op-shops. She’ll help you ‘shop your own wardrobe’, teach you how to emanate high-end modern style and suave without breaking the bank, and hold your hand as you escape those ruts and parade your new look.

You choose your budget; it could be anything from $30 per piece to an extravagant outlay for hard-to-find vintage designer threads. (Mind you, some of her clients with lower budgets have ended up with vintage designer anyway — Joanne is truly the Sherlock Holmes of shopping.)

So if it’s labels you want, make room for Dior, if it’s minimal you’re after, you’ll do it with style, and if it’s fun you’re after, get ready to party.

Wardrobe stylist Joanne Gambale wears 1970s Yves Saint Laurent jacket, jumpsuit by Norma in deadstock Gucci fabric, secondhand leather and suede boots. Hair by Jasmin Lethbridge.

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