Bridget W, Marrickville

“As a mum of two young kids, my body had changed and I’d completely lost motivation to dress up.

I wanted to look and feel better about myself and knew that a wardrobe overhaul would help do the trick. But I’m also very conscious of the impact clothing has on our environment so wanted to avoid fast fashion.

Jo has ticked all of these boxes and so many more. She has an innate talent for knowing what will look good, getting you to try styles you wouldn’t normally consider and does all of this with great humour and gentle encouragement.

Thanks Jo for getting me out of my comfort zone and giving my confidence a huge boost. I love dressing up again and having fun with fashion, even if I’m only going as far as the school gate.”

Tanya L, New York

“I was immediately attracted to Slogue because of the emphasis on secondhand and vintage clothing. The planet already has enough clothing on it; we can just exchange it amongst us! I have always purchased vintage clothing, but often did not know how to style many of my pieces. I certainly do not want to look like I’m wearing a period-era-costume! And this is where Jo is great… She can take your existing wardrobe and see interesting new combinations when you are in a style rut—mixing eras, mixing colors, mixing genders. She also suggested a few vintage pieces to supplement what I have. I live in New York state, and she did an excellent job of finding me items that were in my own area to cut down on cost and greenhouse gases due to transport.

The entire experience felt creative and exploratory: I now feel like I can wear what I have with more verve. Fashion and style have for too long been considered superficial by many. Yet, how we style our bodies each day can be an artistic act; and all forms of ethical creativity should be celebrated. We should not be afraid to take an experimental approach to our personas.

I cannot recommend Jo’s services enough. She will talk with you about how you typically dress as opposed to how you’d like to dress. She will do an analysis of the pieces you already own. She gets a feel for your character, and she is extremely talented in matching your character and potential style.”

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