Find your style, sustainably

Introducing a NEW kind of personal styling that values self-expression, self-care and care for the environment in equal measures. We call it Slogue.

Long-time Vogue contributor Joanne Gambale helps women and men find their true style AND learn to shop sustainably — avoiding waste, unethical brands and mindless consumption while building a totally original wardrobe.

Sustainable stylist Joanne Gambale

The Slogue process changes how clients feel about themselves in a HOLISTIC way because it encompasses self-care AND environmental care.

Slogue styling is different to other personal styling models. As its name suggests, slow fashion (the antidote to mass-produced, cheap and fast trend-driven fashion) is not about clicking your fingers and landing in a one-stop-department store.

It involves hours of careful sourcing and requires a level of creativity and confidence not everyone can easily access.

If you don’t have the time, patience or ‘eye’ for this, why not outsource?

Joanne can help you shift your entire styling mindset and gain confidence to break your fashion rut.

You’ll learn to shop in new ways and find new value in the wardrobe you already have.

You’ll be amazed at how different you feel once you start applying the Slogue strategies.

So click through to the options and contact Joanne for a free introductory phonecall.

Oh.. and welcome to the Slogue community!